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Helsinki’s taxi service


Helsinki’s taxis all have a yellow taxi sign on the roof. This displays the number of the taxi and the name of its home city, with the taxi’s group number on the side. When the taxi sign is lit, the taxi is available, if not, the taxi is either occupied or on its way to pick up a customer.

Initial charge
Weekdays 6-20, Saturdays and holiday eves 6-16 – €5.90
Other times – €9.00
Waiting time charge – €43.30 / h
Advance booking charge – €7 (when taxi is booked a minimum of 30 minutes before the desired pick-up time)



Addresses of Taxi Stands in Helsinki 

To order a taxi call: 0100 0700
Advance booking: 0100 0600
Price: €1.17 / call + €0.25 / 10s + local network charge 

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